Sunday, September 25, 2011

SAT Reading Scores

We’re drowning in ignorance and apathy. Entire generations consumed by insecurity and selfishness, unable to imagine walking in the shoes of others, removed from the bleak realities of our existence, struggling only for their right to consume and feel fleeting pleasure. 
Illiteracy is more than just ignorance; it is a pathway to peril. Tyranny is invited in to the sound of applause. Liberty is given away with relief. Death and destruction are cause for celebration.
I try to have compassion, but often cannot control my contempt. How much suffering is required to bring change? How much injustice must the innocent endure?
And, I’m scared. Would I keep my integrity? Would I have the courage to expose lies and delusions, to protect the weak and defenseless, even if pain and death awaited?
Protect those who share your principles. Remember your heroes. Maintain a sense of urgency, and… don’t stop reading.

Response to "Black President, Double Standard" as appeared in The Nation

The author’s analysis is far removed from reality, and that she is a professor compounds disbelief.  The tone of our nation, the attitude of Americans, and the social and economic issues being faced at present were vastly different when Clinton was in the Oval Office.  After September 11th and the years of fear and uncertainty that ensued, people demanded the dangerous financial and moral direction of the country be altered.  Obama's complicity with war, banks, corporations, and the elite have disillusioned supporters looking elsewhere for substantive change that’s so desperately needed, and given the current condition of our country and events of the past decade, standards are rightfully high.  People are removing support from a clear player in the status quo.
However, what is far more disturbing than her deeply flawed analysis is the subtle point she delivers: questioning Obama’s policies is an act of racism. 

That aside, Americans of all colors need to stop placing their dreams of change from one charismatic politician to the next, and instead take greater personal responsibility to address the larger problems facing our political system.